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  ..:: Miyoshi's GM Application ::..

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PostSubject: ..:: Miyoshi's GM Application ::..    Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:28 am

Hi everybody!! Very Happy

I'm here to help XD


nickname: Miyoshi
age: 20
gender: male


- Why should we choose you?
I try to be helpful if someone needs assistance.
I want to help the server and make the community livelier.
If I become a GameModerator,this would definately
boost my self-esteem as a player and you could trust that.
I would put my heart and soul into ensuring the safety of this amazing community.

- Will you follow the rules?
Of course I will follow the rules.

- Are you friendly?
Yes, I believe I am friendly. I do my best to be polite,
even if someone is being offensive to me.
I will not swear at them or threaten them.
I always looking to meet new people and making friends on the server.

- How long have you playing Flyff?
since v6

- Experience?:
I have experience in a couple of server's. (ex: FlyForFuria,LuminousFlyff,DreamFlyff...)
I still remember commands and GM information.
I also owned my own server but shut it down due to lack of player,lag and the energy bill(a lot time ago Surprised)

Other Informations:
- Location:


Contact info:

// Cheerz Miyoshi Wink
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PostSubject: Re: ..:: Miyoshi's GM Application ::..    Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:35 am

Nice app.

How long have you been playing Flyforkeng?
What is your in-game name?
But how is your flyff knowledge?
How long can you be online everyday?
If you were to be chosen as a Game Moderator, What can you do to make the server better?

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..:: Miyoshi's GM Application ::..
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